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April 07, 2006



They've been predicting the demise of the Yellow Pages since 1995.

But I do believe the end is neigh.

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Jim Darrah

There will always be a place for the YP's. No doubt that local online searches are growing and that all local businesses need to be on the web, but don't be so quick to write off the YP's (no, I don't sell YP ad's!). There will always be a large population that will use the YP's, especially the boomers. Local businesses must implement a PLAN that includes ALL effective forms of advertising to survive in today's economy, and YP's normally should be part of the mix. The real problem is that most small businesses just don't understand how to use the YPs and fall victim to the clueless YP salespeople. The fact is the YP's can be an outstanding tool to DRIVE PROSPECTS TO A WEBSITE and it's not hard to track the effectiveness of the YP ad. Yes, YP effectiveness and usage will continue decline but it is still, and will continue to be for a long time, an important part of any effective advertising mix for local businesses.

Michael Rolph

Thanks for your comment Ben, I'm with you.

I imagine the aggressive business development tactics you mentioned have helped the YP industry to survive over the last several years-- huge teams of tele-sales reps convincing the SMB to keep spending money on ads in the big book.


The Yellow Pages is going to die because not only do they not provide a good return today (and even less going forward when no one under 40 will look at them), they will die because one of thier key advantages is thier mafia like sales strategies will not allow them to use this advantage to sell the inexpensive and effective advertising on the Local Internet. (these strategies are made worse by them most being owned by private equity firms who are all trying to extract the last nickel from the local merchant before the business collapses)

Michael Rolph

I heard about the Verizon buy also. Google will use it to help build out Local results, and maybe use the existing sales infrastructure to cross-sell AdWords.

The crazy thing is I bet 50% of the biggest YP ad-buyers-- moving companies, plumbers, auto repair shops, etc.-- don't even HAVE websites.

I keep yapping about this missed opportunity for the SB's-- that's why www.wheelmedia.com exists.

What consumer wants to dig up that yellow book?

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